Who the Hell is Tim Eisenhauer?

Tim Eisenhauer

Great question. I'm working on figuring that out. For now, here's what I'm up to...

I'm a co-founder and president of Axero Solutions. We make a leading intranet software platform for business. I'm also the author of a forthcoming book called: Who the Hell Wants to Work for You. In my spare time, I'm a visual artist and photographer.

The thing to know about me is that I care about employee engagement the way environmentalists care about clean air and patients care about curing disease. One obvious reason is that I run a virtual company in a highly competitive market. If people aren’t psyched to work for me, we go out of business tomorrow. But, as any motivational psychologist will tell you, practical considerations are rarely the ultimate driver. The real reason is personal.

In 1999 I stopped playing college basketball and gave up the idea of becoming a pro athlete. Up to that point, all of what you’d call my career happened on the basketball court. I didn’t have a resume. I wasn’t getting paid. I played because I wanted to play.

I had the most miserable time switching careers. My adrenaline-starved brain kept searching for “the game.” I was dropping in and out of schools, changing majors, quitting jobs, and starting businesses.

In 2008 Vivek Thakur and I co-founded Axero Solutions. Little by little, through trial and error, our company became the no-bull game zone for us and our employees. That happened first. Everything else came later. Our first successful product. Big name customers. Steady cash.

In 2014, I started covering employee engagement on the Axero blog. It quickly became one of the main reasons people read my blog. Later that year, I published an eBook, 22 Surefire Ways to Boost Employee Engagement. The number of downloads shocked me. I wanted to know why people from all over the world were looking for employee engagement advice. Every time somebody downloaded my eBook, I asked them about their biggest challenge at work.

I noticed that people were looking to employee engagement to solve all kinds of challenges. The only problem was nobody knew where to find it. This is the reason my humble eBook attracts so many readers: people are hungry for ideas! Tying employee engagement to common sense workplace principles gives them a place to start.

I used the 22 principles from the eBook and added one more—Give Them a Break—to write Who the Hell Wants to Work for You?. And I can’t wait to hear from you.

What is your biggest challenge at work? Let me know by filling out this form.

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