I am a co-founder and president of Axero Solutions. As you can anticipate, while Axero (and everyone who works at Axero) and I agree on many things, my opinions don't generally reflect the opinions of everyone at Axero, and should be considered my own.

To comply with the FTC (and cover my ass with both hands), I offer the following disclosure policy.

If you’re on my website, you should assume the following:

  • I get paid for every post I put on this website.
  • Every link on this website is a paid link.
  • Every product, service, or company that I talk about paid me to talk about them.
  • I make money from every post I put on Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media site I'm on. Cha-ching.
  • If you email me, assume that what you share with me will be quoted in my posts or a future book. And I get paid for those, too.
  • Every item of clothing that I wear. Paid.
  • When I eat ... 
  • Thinking ...
  • Breathing ...

If you have any questions, just assume that I get paid for answering them. Fire away.

Thanks in advance.


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