Identity Guidelines

The Tim Eisenhauer identity is a seal of approval and a promise of quality and creativity. By following these guidelines, you can take advantage of the benefits of the Tim Eisenhauer identity and contribute to its strength.

Downloads of the Tim Eisenhauer signature logo are provided at the bottom of this document.

Tim Eisenhauer Signature Requirements

The Tim Eisenhauer signatures described in these guidelines are for use only by current Tim Eisenhauer affiliates who have signed an agreement, by individuals with a current Tim Eisenhauer certification, and by individuals who have received witten concent to represent Tim Eisenhauer. Tim Eisenhauer affiliates and Tim Eisenhauer certified individuals must follow these guidelines when publicizing their relationship with Tim Eisenhauer in communications.

Tim Eisenhauer reserves the right to withdraw permission to use a Tim Eisenhauer signature at any time if the use of the signature is inconsistent with these guidelines or is otherwise deemed inappropriate by Tim Eisenhauer. Tim Eisenhauer signatures cannot be used in connection with any communications that do not meet the criteria outlined in the Tim Eisenhauer Agreement or Tim Eisenhauer Certification Agreement.

Tim Eisenhauer Signatures

A signature is the Tim Eisenhauer logo. (As shown below)

Tim Eisenhauer Identity Signatures

The appropriate signature can be applied to advertisements, websites, store signs, stationery, and other communications as long as the relationship to Tim Eisenhauer is not obscured or distorted. The Tim Eisenhauer signature must always be smaller than your business or store identity and placed in a layout position that is secondary to that identity. Guidelines for sizing the signature are located below. Never use a Tim Eisenhauer signature in place of your business or store identity.

Make sure your audience understands immediately who the communication is from. It should be clear that the advertisement or promotion is from your business, not from Tim Eisenhauer. Always place your store identity in the primary layout position, with the Tim Eisenhauer signature sized smaller than your identity and placed in a secondary layout position.

Never use Tim Eisenhauer signatures on very low-resolution materials in which the details of signature cannot be seen. Make sure the Tim Eisenhauer signature is sized so that the Tim Eisenhauer logo and type are clean and legible at the resolution used for the promotional piece.

Using one signature

Use only one Tim Eisenhauer signature on each page or surface of a communication. If you have multiple authorizations from Tim Eisenhauer, select the signature that is most clearly related to the communication’s content.

Tim Eisenhauer channel signature configurations

The basic Tim Eisenhauer signature configurations are shown below. Sometimes a descriptor is added to the signature. Always use one of these approved configurations on your communications. Signature artwork is provided by Tim Eisenhauer. Never alter the artwork in any way.

Signature Color

Tim Eisenhauer signatures can be shown only in all-black or all-white. When placing a signature on black or color backgrounds, use an all-white signature reversed out of the background color. Never place an Tim Eisenhauer signature on a visually cluttered or patterned background.

Minimum Clear Space and Minimum Size

Minimum clear space - The minimum clear space around the signature is equal to the height of the Tim Eisenhauer logo, measured from dimple to dimple. To create the greatest impact, allow even more space around the Tim Eisenhauer signature. Do not allow photos, typography, or other graphic elements to enter the minimum clear space area.

Minimum size - The minimum signature size should be used only when layout space is extremely limited. Use the signature at a larger size whenever possible. Make sure the Tim Eisenhauer signature is smaller than your store or company identity.

Avoid Signature Mistakes

Do not alter Tim Eisenhauer signature artwork in any way. Always use the complete electronic artwork provided by Tim Eisenhauer.

Avoid these common mistakes

  • Never use the Tim Eisenhauer logo alone on your communications, except as noted below.
  • Do not remove the Tim Eisenhauer logo or alter the relationship of the elements in any way.
  • Do not change the font or alter the spacing between letters.
  • Do not incorporate the Tim Eisenhauer signature into your company identity.
  • Never create a new signature that combines the Tim Eisenhauer logo with your business name.
  • Do not reproduce the signature using any color other than black or white.
  • Do not use logo artwork that has been rendered to look three-dimensional.
  • Do not add gradients, shadows, or other filters to the Tim Eisenhauer signature.
  • For the Internet, do not rotate or animate an Tim Eisenhauer signature or make any of its elements three-dimensional.

Specialty Advertising

Radio & audio advertising

When using the Tim Eisenhauer name in radio or audio advertising, make sure the tone is straightforward, simple, and friendly. It must be clear that the ad is from the promoter, not Tim Eisenhauer.

If you direct live disc jockeys (DJs) to follow talking points based on Tim Eisenhauer-provided messaging, they can be encouraged to add personal anecdotes related to their use or experience of the Tim Eisenhauer product or service.

Radio broadcasts spoken in a language other than English must say Tim Eisenhauer trademark names in English. Do not translate Tim Eisenhauer trademark names.

You must submit a rough cut of your ad to Tim Eisenhauer for approval before it is broadcast.

Broadcast advertising (Television / Video / Motion Graphics)

Always show the most current version of the Tim Eisenhauer signature or artwork.

Never alter in any way the Tim Eisenhauer image assets or signature. Do not animate, twirl, or tilt the signature or use extreme motion techniques. Never indicate that the product or service can function in a way that is not accurate — it must be shown to function as it would in real life. Never show an Tim Eisenhauer signature on a busy, colorful, or confusing background. Do not distort or change the color of the Tim Eisenhauer signature. Do not apply motion or color techniques to the Tim Eisenhauer signature except for a simple fade in or fade out. You can provide a link to the Tim Eisenhauer website at to send viewers to the Tim Eisenhauer-produced artwork and service offerings.

Tim Eisenhauer credit lines must be included in the broadcast ad.

Using Tim Eisenhauer Trademarks and Credit Lines

A trademark can be a name, a logo, or even a slogan—any word, symbol, or device used to identify a company’s products or services and distinguish them from those of other companies. Because trademarks are essential in building strong brands, they are extremely valuable assets. It is important that you use Tim Eisenhauer trademarks carefully to prevent customer confusion about ownership and responsibility and to protect the valuable investment Tim Eisenhauer has made in its trademarks.

Trademark symbols

Use the appropriate symbol (TM, SM, ®) the first time any Tim Eisenhauer trademark appears in your copy. Do not use these trademark symbols in communications that will be distributed outside the United States. Do not add trademark symbols to Tim Eisenhauer signatures or the Tim Eisenhauer logo in any communications.

Credit lines

Include credit lines in all communications, listing the Tim Eisenhauer trademarks that appear in your copy. Always list Tim Eisenhauer and the Tim Eisenhauer logo. Place the trademark credit lines with other legal notices in your communications.

Tim Eisenhauer and the Tim Eisenhauer logo are trademarks of Tim Eisenhauer Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

For More Information

Thank you for reading and following the "Tim Eisenhauer Identity Guidelines." If you need more information or have questions about using these guidelines please contact me -- I am friendly, and will go out of my way to help you.


-- Tim Eisenhauer


Right click, then choose "save as" to download a .PSD (Photoshop format) of the Tim Eisenhauer Signature Logo.

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