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  • How to Get Employees to Read Your Emails

    Posted 14 days ago in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    How can you advise people who refuse to read your advice, let alone take it? Maybe this is one of those rare occasions when you can blame the messenger. Meaning email…

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  • What is a Shit Sandwich? And Why it Doesn't Work

    Posted 15 days ago in How come nobody’s asking

    Even if you’ve never heard of a shit sandwich, you’re most likely familiar with its taste and composition. The shit sandwich is a time-honored way to tell people you’ve failed their expectations. And I’ll tell you why this shit doesn’t work…

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  • Super Chickens, Why We Work, and How We Succeed

    Posted 24 days ago in How come nobody’s asking

    The reason for this post is an amazing TED podcast on our favorite topic, The Meaning Of Work. If you haven’t heard it before, the first story will blow you away. And it may motivate you to listen to the second story, which will touch and inspire you…

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  • How to Communicate Change in the Workplace

    Posted 29 days ago in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    Continuing with the topic of communication, we now turn our attention to the second biggest complaint of comms professionals: communicating change. How do we communicate change?

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  • How to Communicate to a Large Diverse and Widespread Workforce

    Posted 5/21/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    Today, our Communications Manager is facing two communication challenges: size and spread. First, let’s ask ourselves why these are a problem. Then, let's see if we can come up with a solution...

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  • Can Internal Communications Help Employee Engagement?

    Posted 5/16/2017 in How come nobody’s asking

    Communication is often our first line of defense against disengagement. A manager asks: “What can I say to my employees to get them to work better?” Internal Communications should be able to answer this question better than anyone, right?

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  • Managing Diverse Personalities: What We Can Learn from the Best Companies to Work for

    Posted 5/10/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    When working on Who the Hell Wants to Work for You?, I researched scores of employee-friendly companies that made Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work for in America. I wanted to see how these companies figured out what employees wanted, and whether or not to give it to them. So, what can we learn from Fortune’s best about managing diverse personalities?

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  • Please Don’t Measure Employee Engagement!

    Posted 5/9/2017 in How come nobody’s asking

    How do you measure employee engagement? It’s an obvious question, especially coming from a manager. How can you manage something if you don’t know where it stands and where it’s trending? So, here's an obvious answer...

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  • Engage Like a Cult Leader: Blair Warren's 5 Keys to Winning Followers

    Posted 5/2/2017 in How come nobody’s asking

    If my theory is correct, then any fail-proof employee engagement strategy must include Blair Warren’s principles. Here’s what they are and what each one looks like inside a workplace…

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  • What Every Manager Needs to Know About Employee Engagement

    Posted 5/1/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    So, what can you do about employee engagement? The first thing to do is to realize that they don’t owe it to you. Employees are paid for their time. But all the magic that makes their time worthwhile happens on a whole different plane of existence...

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  • Workplace Procrastination, Employee Engagement, and Asking Different Questions

    Posted 4/27/2017 in How come nobody’s asking

    Procrastination is not the enemy we think it is. It’s only the messenger. And the message is that you’re disengaged from the work you need to do. Here’s how to get back on track...

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  • “So many projects, so little time"

    Posted 4/25/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    You can’t solve a problem until you frame it in a way that invites a solution. Saying “I don't have time” does little to point you in the right direction. When productivity is a challenge, train yourself to ask a different set of questions...

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  • Work Life Balance. The Best Place to Start.

    Posted 4/17/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    As managers, we are taught to look after work results, and let people figure out on their own how to rest. And yet the best managers seem to do the opposite...

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  • Trending Now: Wacky Employee Engagement Activities

    Posted 4/14/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    When I started writing Who the Hell Wants to Work for You?, I wanted to look into what all of the best companies to work for had in common. I ended up with something wacky in every chapter. The companies everyone wanted to work for did something outrageous in every domain...

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  • Employee Engagement Ideas Will Make You Crazy

    Posted 4/12/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    This Analyst’s company decided to do something about employee engagement. They created an Employee Engagement Council. Each department nominated a representative. Some declined, because they were on too many councils already, and some enthusiastically accepted. Next, the Council solemnly convenes in the big conference room—and this is where it gets off-track...

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  • How to Eliminate Shitwork

    Posted 4/11/2017 in How come nobody’s asking

    Where does all the shitwork come from? And why is shitwork always plentiful, no matter how much of it we outsource to India and China?

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  • How To Make Your Work Fulfilling And Rewarding

    Posted 4/11/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    Realizing that your work sucks is a vital first step. Else, you would be part of the crowd who can’t even imagine it being any other way. There’s no hope in that. Looking for help is another excellent move. There's only one step missing...

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  • "Morons like you peddling cheap stuff like this so as to get contacts for Business Development"

    Posted 4/4/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    This guy just couldn’t wait to get his hands on 22 Surefire Ways to Boost Employee Engagement. The missing link was possibly right there in front of him. One more keystroke, and he’ll know exactly how to get his employees and coworkers to give him the dedication and respect he deserves. He clicks on “Download” and…

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  • What Does it Mean to “Be Yourself” at Work?

    Posted 4/4/2017 in How come nobody’s asking

    People don’t respond to what we do, as much as to why we do it. They can smell our hidden agendas. So, here’s something to consider. What is it that keeps you from showing your feelings?

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  • Help! My Boss is Not Engaged.

    Posted 4/4/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    Recently, we’ve asked the question: "Who is the best person in your company to solve the employee engagement problem?" And the short answer is—

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  • Can HR Help Employee Engagement?

    Posted 3/14/2017 in Biggest Challenge at Work: Commentary

    Something is going on inside HR departments. Is it part of a larger trend to get creative with job titles? Or could it be that HR is looking to reinvent itself to give us a more engaged higher-performing employee?

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  • Why Lack of Communication has Become the Number One Reason People Quit

    Posted 3/3/2017 in Published on the Web

    Communication is a core part of the human experience. And yet, we still struggle with it. Despite the explosion of communication technology, under-communication remains a major challenge at work. It prevents organizations, and employees, from reaching their full potential.

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  • Here’s How You Can Make More Friends at Work

    Posted 3/2/2017 in Published on the Web

    Authenticity has become a buzzword for everything from advertising to personal style to politics. The challenge is that authenticity, by definition, can’t be manufactured. But there are still things employers, and employees, can do to build meaningful workplace relationships.

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  • 10 Simple Secrets You Need to Know to Increase Employee Engagement

    Posted 3/1/2017 in Published on the Web

    Saying "thank you" and offering flexibility and authenticity are key -- and actually they're not "secrets" at all.

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